Composer & Oud Player

Hussam Aliwat | Oud player & composer

Born in 1990 into a Jordanian family originally from Jerusalem, Palestine, Hussam Aliwat is the youngest in a family of four children. Nothing predestined the young boy to make music, if not his young passion for this noble instrument, the oud, he fell in love with the oud at a very young age  and tried to make his own oud from random house equipments and toys.
At the age of 13, he had his first real oud, when he trained several months by himself. A few years later, attendance and strength thanks to his particular sensitivity, Hussam began composing his own songs. He arrived in Paris in 2011 to pursue film studies.

Encouraged by his elders and strong of an ancient and rich Arabic musical heritage, he gradually written his own titles that made his show that he presented for the first time at the New Morning, two months after his arrival in France.

Hussam Aliwat has been developing his own universe, with beautiful clean and captivating compositions, swinging gracefully from fine modern melodies, solos rooted in Arab tradition and world rhythms.
Each piece composed by Hussam carries both a strong melancholic charge and a message of hope in a spirit where the perfect harmony alongside the otherness that characterizes the "maqam".

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